Friday, July 12, 2024
E Clamp - Product Information

The S-5-E clamp is designed especially for double-folded standing seam roof profiles having the appropriate dimensioning.

This clamp is also the one recommended for Butler’s MR24™. Although a bit smaller and less expensive than the S-5-U,  for these profiles, the S-5-E is just as strong.


The S-5-E is perfect for S-5!® snow retention products and other heavy-duty applications. For horizontal seams under .5" crimp the seam to 180 degrees at desired clamp location. This illustration demonstrates crimping technique, NOT actual location of clamp. 


The S-5-E and S-5-E Mini clamps are each furnished with the hardware shown below. Each box also includes a bit tip for tightening setscrews using an electric screw gun.  A structural aluminium attachment clamp, the S-5-E is compatible with most common metal roofing materials excluding copper.  All included hardware is stainless steel.